Scottish Fold Infopage

Character of Scottish Folds

Eine Scottish Fold-Katze Describing the character of "all" Scottish Folds cats is meaningless because every cat owner knows how different even cats from the same litter are. So the following facts are very subjective and will be true for every Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Folds are healthy round shaped cats. Everybody will love the sweet facial expression, the baby-like shape, together with the plushy coat. The Fold is a very gentle, friendly cat which is not very pushy but likes to be petted and loved. The cats are very even-tempered and love humans, they are funny and like to play and they like children. Also they like other animals and are easy to teach. The Folds can fit easily to a new environment and are not very dominant and seldom aggressive. Mostly they are very smart and skilled but not so vocal like other breeds. Hissing, biting and scratching is rarely seen and only used in extreme situations. The Scottish Folds is a very lovely, not excentric breed. They need, like most other cats, too, a clean environment, good and healthy food, and some time and attention from the owner.

Eine Scottish Fold-Katze Indoor: The folds are a good indoor cat. They fit to the human rhythm very well, sleep at night, sometimes inside the owners bed and are active on the day. Often they snooze during the day, too. Like many cats they profit a lot from a companion cat with which they can play with, hunt and groom each other. The owner should also play with the Fold at least for one hour a day otherwise the cat could become depressed and behave strange. Scratching posts and a window, perhaps even a safe garden will be very much appreciated by the Folds, as also by most of other breeds.

Eine Scottish Fold-Katze Here you see on the left a Scottish Fold the first time in the garden running on green gras. The vast amount of new stimulation results in an open mouth to really get all the new smells.