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About the breed Scottish Fold

This site is for the Scottish Fold lovers who want to get more information about the breed. With the menu on the left you can navigate through the pages.

The special thing about this breed are the folded ears which you can see by the first glance. This leads to an owl-like look of these cats. This round-shaped form of the head was is typical for a child-like scheme, a word used by Konrad Lorenz. This scheme often uses round baby faces and big round eyes as a key stimulus which leads to care look after acting. Therefore and also because of the good and friendly behaviour and character of the breed these cats are very much favoured in Japan, Russia and the USA.

On this site you can learn something about the origin of this breed, the breed standards and diseases. Here I focused on OCD (osteochondrodysplasia) which is not uncommon in Folds, esp. when breeded irregularly.

Moreover you will find information about the "cruel breed" argument and why some people want to forbid the breeding of the Scottish Folds. Also I added information about the character and behaviour of the cats and links to breeders. If you know links to other Fold-breeders send me a mail and I will add it to the site.

The sources for my site is listed in the literature page. There will you find books and scientific articles about the cats. More information about me and contact you can find on the the "About" link.